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General Data Protection Regulation and Privacy Policy

The Policy
This is a statement of the data protection and privacy policy adopted by Mandy Mullaney, sole trader, trading as Essence of Health.
In my capacity as Homeopath and Bowen Therapist I need to collect, store and use certain types of information about the clients who use my services. I regard the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as highly important and therefore strive to ensure that all personal information is lawfully and correctly handled.

Data Protection Principles
Essence of Health endorses and is committed to adhering to the eight data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.
The eight Principles require that personal information is:
• Fairly and lawfully processed
• Processed for limited purposes
• Adequate, relevant and not excessive
• Accurate, and kept up-to-date
• Not kept longer than necessary
• Processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights
• Secure
• Not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection being provided to the personal data on individual subjects

What information is being Collected and Recorded?

  • Contact information including postal address, telephone numbers and email addresses.

  • Personal medical history and date of birth. For homeopathy a brief family medical history is also useful. Information regarding diet and lifestyle is also noted.

  • Personal data on your current presenting symptoms.

  • Details of treatment provided.
    Bowen – assessments; what areas were worked on and responses to treatment.
    Homeopathy – homeopathic remedies given; potency, frequency and duration.

  • Occasionally photographic data is useful to compare pre and post treatment outcomes. Care is taken to avoid any identifying features and picture files will be stored using an anonymous code system.

  • Who is collecting it?
    Initial contact information will be collected either by Mandy Mullaney or clinic receptionist. Thereafter all information will be collected soley by Mandy Mullaney. Outside of consultation in person, communications will be with Mandy Mullaney via email, phone or text message.

    How is it collected?
    Initial contact information will be collected by email or text, or if enquiry is by phone call, recorded in a hard copy diary.
    All consultation data is recorded via pen and paper notetaking. Outside of consultation in person, communications will be via email, phone or text message. These are usually progress updates or changes to appointments.

    Why is it being collected?
    Data is collected to gain an overview of your current health status in relation to your past medical health history. It enables the process of recording and supervising your progress and the ability to be able to communicate effectively with you for the best outcomes. Changes can then be tracked accurately along with a detailed dialogue of the treatment provided and the appropriate action taken.

    How will it be used?
    Data will be used to make appointments, decide on the best course of action in terms of treatment, and recording of progress. For Homeopathic case analysis, off-line software may be used. Data will be stored on this using an anonymous code system.
    Names and postal addresses may be used on PDF documents where invoices/receipts are required for insurance purposes or personal records. For Homeopathy, personal letters are usually sent out with instructions for taking your remedies.

    How will it be stored?
    All paper notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet and will be kept in a locked bag when being transported to and from the clinic.
    If we communicate by text your name and mobile number will be stored on my smart phone. This is password and fingerprint protected.
    If we communicate by email your email address will be stored on my laptop and ipad, both of which have the appropriate security in place.
    Receipts of payment, invoices or letters confirming appointments or with homeopathic remedy information and instructions are stored electronically for a period of time – generally not longer than one year.
    Before/after/progress photos will be stored electronically using an anonymous code system.
    Homeopathy clients - For case analysis using off-line software, your data will be stored using an anonymous code system.

    Who will it be shared with?
    Data will only be shared in the following circumstances

  • When you have given consent , eg with another health practitioner or for medical referral.

  • Where we are required to do so by law.

  • If any other situation should arise your full consent would be requested.

  • Access to Personal Information
    You have a right to request a copy of the personal information held about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. Requests should be made in writing and then copies of available information will be supplied to your registered address.

    Mandy Mullaney; Essence of Health
    is registered as Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office,
    Reference Number: ZA352948;
    30 April 2018

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